Transition Support

Transition Support 

You’ve purchased the business and done the deal! 

The next question is: do you have a 100-day plan in place?

Whether you’re a first-time business buyer or you’re buying a new business line to complement your existing operations, managing the transition from starting up or taking over is critical to your success.

Save time and money

Time and money can be burned up during the transition process, through unplanned and poor execution.

JPAbusiness offers transition support that can include:

  • Devising a plan for the first 100 days of operations;
  • Creating a full business plan for the first 12 months, and
  • Providing ad-hoc sounding board advice and assistance

JPAbusiness will help plan out your priorities, as well as execute key tasks.  

Areas of assistance include:

  • Reporting and governance
  • Relationships and knowledge transfer plans
  • Employee performance processes
  • Management oversight
  • Mentoring key staff
  • Business systems and process reviews
  • Website solution delivery
  • Marketing advice
  • Supplier negotiations