A business valuation or market appraisal from JPAbusiness will provide you with a realistic view of a business' potential sale price range. Regular business valuations can also be a powerful management tool.

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Business valuations

JPAbusiness principal James Price is an Australian Property Institute Certified Practising Valuer (Business).

A Certified Practising Valuer (Business) is a person who, by education, training and experience is qualified to perform a valuation of a business, business ownership interest, security and/or intangible assets.

As well as business valuations, the JPAbusiness team also provides market appraisals.

Why obtain a business valuation or market appraisal?

Often you find a business that has been 'on the market' for months, if not years. There’s usually a reason for this, and mostly the reason is that the asking price for the business is not aligned to market expectations and interest.

Obtaining a business valuation or market appraisal from JPAbusiness will provide you with a realistic view of a business’ potential sale price range, based on the business’ performance, market conditions and comparable sales.

How to use business valuation as a management tool

Valuations are extremely useful management tools for business owners looking to maximise their current business performance and long-term value.

A valuation can help you identify what you are currently doing that is adding to your business value, and what you are doing that is detracting from value.

What is a business worth?

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What is the difference between a valuation and an appraisal?

A JPAbusiness Market Appraisal provides:

  • Estimate of potential sale price range
  • Assessment of business performance
  • Considerations of market conditions and comparable sales
  • Documented summary providing marketing price range, advice and decision support.

A JPAbusiness Business Valuation provides:

  • Detailed evaluation of business and financial performance
  • Competitive position versus others and industry dynamics
  • Sworn valuation, for various purposes depending on scope of valuation, including:
    • Mortgage security purposes
    • Business exit, business sale
    • Family and business succession
    • Stamp duty and structuring purposes
    • Family Court proceedings
  • Comparable sales, multiple of earnings, discounted cash flow and return on investment assessments (depending on specific scope and business attributes)
  • Specific valuation and detailed report, plus related decision-support recommendations (as per the valuation scope).

Interested in seeking a valuation or market appraisal?

If you are considering buying or selling a business, consider appointing an advisor to provide you with a market appraisal or business valuation. Make sure the person advising you can provide comparable and up-to-date information on similar businesses and what sale prices they have achieved.