Market Appraisal example agreement

A JPAbusiness Market Appraisal not only provides an estimate of potential sale price, but also analysis of currenct position and business performance.

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Market Appraisal example agreement

A JPAbusiness Market Appraisal provides:

  • Estimate of potential sale price range
  • Assessment of business performance
  • Considerations of market conditions and comparable sales
  • Documented summary providing marketing price range, advice and decision support.

If you choose to engage JPAbusiness to conduct a Market Appraisal on your behalf, we will outline the scope of services to be provided in a Business Market Appraisal engagement agreement.

Below is an example of a JPAbusiness Business Market Appraisal engagement agreement:

ProjectBusiness Advisory Services: Business Market Appraisal

To provide Client A with a Business Market Appraisal on Business A, with decision support information on the potential interest and the fair market range, recommendations on marketing strategies and asking prices, and likely probabilities of success if Business A was offered for full and/or part sale in the context of the shareholders’ exit plans.

Risks and opportunities that are relevant to consider in moving to selling Business A will also be included.


Provision of a Business Market Appraisal on Business A as a going concern and associated assets.

The report will include an appraisal assessment of Business A.

Methodology will include, but not be limited to:

  • market cap rate analysis
  • comparable sales.

Analysis and considerations undertaken during the Business Market Appraisal assessment will cover:

  • projected, current and historical financial performance of Business A
  • suppliers and sourcing relationships
  • inventory and product lines
  • customers, agents network, contracts and agreements
  • opportunities, intellectual property and work in progress
  • plant and equipment
  • international networks and goodwill associated with the business and the brand(s)
  • potential market comparisons and possible target interested parties.

The project will run for approximately four weeks from commencement of this engagement.

Interested in seeking a valuation or market appraisal?

If you are considering buying or selling a business, consider appointing an advisor to provide you with a market appraisal or business valuation. Make sure the person advising you can provide comparable and up-to-date information on similar businesses and what sale prices they have achieved.

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